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Somnium Animation Studios is an independent production company based in Oslo, Norway. The studio was co-founded in 2020 by Guro Kjensli Johansen and Frida Bogen Lauritzen - former classmates from college.

The Somnium journey began as the pandemic originally hit and shut down almost all job openings. This sparked the idea that perhaps we should start something of our own, as we are too impatient to wait around.

Guro Kjensli Johansen

Director and Producer

Before an adventure can begin we need to know where we're going, and how we're going to get there. This is what Guro makes sure of. The combination of her background paintings and knack for management, is what gives our productions a place to be seen and experienced.

A picture of one of the persons behind Somnium.

Frida Bogen Lauritzen


As the brain behind our stories, Frida is always planning what our next adventure is, and who the star of the show will be. Frida's love for storytelling and her compelling characters are what gives life to our productions and a connection with our audience.

Somnium Animation is a studio for those who wish to get an unfiltered and honest look into the 2D animation industry, and its many ups and downs. Through documentation and transparency, this is a place where new and striving artists can learn from our journey, and perhaps more importantly, be a part of the loving and wonderful world of animation.

After all, this is the dream.

A picture of the persons behind Somnium.